Wednesday, January 13, 2010

See. What had happened was...

I was supposed to start running January 4th. I even got new shoes. I don't particularly enjoy running until I hit the 3 mile mark...then I get the high so it's all good.

Problem is I'm not a great runner. I'm out of shape and haven't run in 5 yrs, but I do remember the high. It does not come naturally for me and I'm prone to shin splints. I have to concentrate to breathe right too. And I smoke. And I broke my hand. Moving it a lot still hurts so running is out.

But the cast comes off Monday, I hope. And since we are in the Ice Age of winter everything outside is on allergies. And I think I will quit smoking for Valentine's Day. So running should start soon.

In the meantime though, I am plased to tell you I lost 6lbs this week. No running. Sitting on my ass, mostly. This is the year folks. I will get to my goal!


  1. ALRIGHT! you go for it Girl! esp the stop smoking part.

    good luck with it all, you can do it!

  2. awesome keep up the good work...and stop smoking like jude said...:)

  3. 6 lbs in one week?!
    shit. I need your secret! perhaps I need new running shoes to just stare at, willing the lbs away? ;)

    and really- quitting smoking will get you a lot farther than running. rock on, sister!

  4. No secrets. Just better, smaller choices.

    Net/net I'm down 36lbs in all from when I started. Some weeks are better than others but the trend is all down making my average about 3 pounds a month.

  5. You can do it! So excited for you :)

  6. Fresh starts are fabulous!

  7. I would rather do ANY other form of exercise rather than run! More power to you!

  8. I'm not a runner either, I'm more of a fast walker. Do what feels right for you!

    And wonderful news on the weight loss. Way to go girl!