Friday, January 15, 2010


"You know, Monday is MLK Day. We learned all about it in school. But they had a law I don't like. All the black people had to sit in the back of the bus and all the white people got to sit up front. I don't like it cause it's not fair. (then Loudly) What about all the brown people! Where did they sit?"

Z is signing up for baseball the summer. She's finally old enough and way more excited than I could have imagined. To sum it up she declared, "I'm so happy I'm sprouting out in rainbows!" Her brother is now re-thinking his decision to give up the sport as a result.

And as we watched her brother's basketball practice I told she had cuteness all sewed up. She agreed and proceeded to tell me that yes, she has "lots of cuteness"...she "keeps it all in files inside. The cute jokes go in the back."

Damn, I love her all to pieces!

Oh! And did you know Spring is coming? It is. I heard birds the other morning. And it was 64 degrees today! There's still snow lingering but it WAS 64! I wore flip flops and hung outside...Now Nina, do I need to cut the tops off my lamb's ear or lemon balm? They both wintered nicely.


  1. Z's a cutie.

    And I'm not holding my breath waiting for spring. That's generally April in Canada.

  2. Haha...very cute!

    Sounds like you're having a heat wave.

  3. yes you can...I wait until about March and cut them all the way to the ground.