Thursday, December 3, 2009

Was Jesus from the Ghetto?

Legit question recieved last night on behalf of the boy...My response? Well, maybe. They certainly weren't rich but it was probably more of a working class neighborhood like ours.


  1. I love the questions kids throw at ya!

  2. Anonymous12/04/2009

    LOL nice, at least the kid was thinking. Very true, back then where he was from might have been conscidered their time ghetto.

  3. Anonymous12/04/2009

    I've had Jesus questions from Andy as well. Even though I'm Pagan, I'm raising Andy to make his own choices about his religious preference so I try to just be honest and tell him what I know about whatever religion he asks me about. Anyway, here was a more recent convo..

    Andy: "Where does baby Jesus live and how come those wise guys don't bring me presents?"
    Me: "Jesus lived in Jeruselum and died over 2000 years ago."
    Andy: "Was baby Jesus alive before the dinosaurs?"
    Me: "No"
    Andy: "Was baby Jesus a caveman?"
    Me: "No honey, Jesus was not a caveman".