Monday, December 21, 2009


It snowed here in VA...A Snow day is the perfect way to start vacation and we were determined to take full advantage. Day 1 had us sledding at my fave spot by 10am. It was still coming down so the hill was not crowded. The snow wasn't acked yet so a bit slow but awesome nonetheless.
We came home for naps, lunch and round 2 lating in the yard in the afternoon. My friend Dena was along with us and we had a blast...Day 2 was to be a repeat. All was going great. It was warmer, icier, and we got out early enough to avoid a big crowd. Then it happened. It seemed like a good idea to go down the hill, belly flat with my son.

It was amazing!

We were zooming!

Then we went airborne when we hit a bump...
and crashed.

He was ok, but crying a little. I said my hand was hurt but I'd be ok. I wanted to lay at the bottom of the hill for a moment since I cracked my head hard too but with the 6 yr old watching and my son worried I trooped right back up the hill smiling and laughing.

When we got up we moved down to a different area and as they were busy I decided I'd better look at my hand since I couldn't seem to move it. My gloves were in perfect health but when I pulled my glove off I saw lots of blood and decided our foray on the hill was over.

Silly me, sledding without an insurance card...Doc in a Box wouldn't see me w/out one so the ex brought me the kids card. They gave me a sling, pain meds and sent me to a specialist today. The specialist said dislocated, compund fracture. No surgery if we can set it...he shot me up with novacaine and held the bones in place as the cast hardened. So far so good. As long as the bones don't "slip" I wont need pins. I have to take my antibiotics to avoid the possibiility of bone infection. Dr agreed I can still go to Florida as long as I'm not the driver. I'll just be a few days late for my checkup.

I wish I could show you tons of fun pics but I don't have as many as I'd like or the patience to sort them just now...Here's pic of some of my heros though. Dena has taken me to the doc, helped with dogs, kids and cooking for 2 days! C did Z's hair and helped break up a dog/cat fight today. Z helped me wash up the armpit I can't get to and KJ has been generally helpful and attentive too. I'd say I'm in good hands all around.


  1. oh Lilli - feel better soon!

    I'm so glad that Dena was there for you.

  2. Glad you have D....I hope your hand gets better quickly...sending good thoughts.

  3. damn, girl. that's some SERIOUS sledding you were doing ;)
    here's to hoping things mend well!

  4. Holy crap!

    Let me know if I can do anything!

  5. sorry to hear that lily girl...hope your hand is better real soon..