Thursday, December 17, 2009

Overheard at Work

It's the last week of work for MANY, MANY, MANY folks here. My company like to to take their toys and go home the last 2 weeks of the year. We've had lunches, potlucks, happy hours and more. Not accounting for ANY of those events here are some of the more interesting things I'm hearing lately...

They signed us up to volunteer and shit. I don't really do that. I wish I could just give money or something.

How'd you twist your ankle?
Jumping over the ditch.
Cool - let's do some acupuncture right now.

Can I borrow your wife? I need one for a week.

No Jammie Jams for you then...

Come on! Let's all wear tacky Xmas sweaters. It will be fun.

I've got to get those chickens! Where did you find them?

Sometime I swear I need to tackle her and hold her down just to get her to send me the documents...Yeah, and then she says she's in mail jail and can't.

So should I just sell all my stock now?

It's all starting to make sense. You know that's not a real word right?

And what did I come away with at the White Elephant Exchange you ask? A book titled "The Worst Decisions in History and the People Who Made Them"


  1. Anonymous12/17/2009

    UM ok. Well all I can say is lucky you have that time off. ;-)

  2. mail jail??? haha, who isn't.

    so you got a book about Bush hey?

  3. Can I borrow your wife? LOL!!!

  4. LOL those were pretty darn entertaining! I need to go through my house and find a white elephant gift for our party...

  5. I'm, uh, not in the I?