Thursday, December 24, 2009

Out of Sorts

I'm up in the middle of the night on what is now Christmas Eve simply because I can't sleep. I'd like tell you pain woke me and let you feel sorry for my but that is not the case. It seems that having children and more than my share of surgeries has built up my pain tolerance quite a bit. I googled images in an effort to show you my break but honestly could not see the fracture in the pics I found on the web. Mine showed so bad a blind man could see it. I was beginning to worry as the swelling is going down that the bones would pop out of place again but so far so good. And my throat is still pretty raw from the reaction I had to the Novocaine they used when resetting the bones...With my main focus being on hearing the words "you won't need surgery" I forgot I was allergic so I've been on a combo of pain meds, antibiotics and benadryl for days now. The swelling in my ears and throat has finally gone down but now I have to deal with the drainage.

I certainly will NOT let this screw up my vacation but it IS cramping my style...I had the little ones bake with me supervising and instructing but the buckeyes were over-mixed and sticky as a result, there were a lot of them and now they've been pressed into a cake pan to drizzle w chocolate. You can't really roll dough well one-handed. It will be good, but not the same. I abandoned my other efforts. They were supposed to be gifts.

Thank God I wrapped the kids gifts last week...I had them wrap everyone else's. It was a group effort and my eldest was very patient.

My last 2 presents have yet to arrive in the mail.

I had planned stuff for this week. We missed the live nativity at the zoo we go to every year. We missed Santa, though I may squeeze him in later today. We missed going to see the lights at the Botanical Gardens, though I think they'll be up still in January.

None of the children (or I) wanted to do the huge brunch we traditionally host on Xmas morn. I was relieved and have planned a smaller deal...but now I've had to line up cooks.

I decided to go ahead w my trip. I wanted the kids to come but C cant get off and I only have 2 tickets to the game. I feel bad about leaving for a week the day after Christmas and am still convincing myself it's ok.

I drove by the park today and pointed out there was still good sledding to be done. The little ones jumped all over the fact that Mommy can't go...I said "I know, but you can." I did get their Dad to take them because I didn't want them to have any lingering worries. He did and said they came up with the idea to make a video to show me they are ok.

It's still Christmas. I'll still enjoy it. But yes, I would do it differently if I could.


  1. Seven years ago I cracked my right radius at the elbow - just about this time of year. No cast, no pain meds, because I suspected I was pregnant (I was - thank the goddess the morning sickness didn't hit until after my arm had mostly healed). I couldn't wrap, couldn't decorate, the tree fell down like it does every year and I was so fed up that I packed everything up and put it away. If I hadn't realized that I was pregnant by Christmas Day it would have been the worst Christmas ever.

    So, I'm sending you lots of holiday joy - I'm glad you can have your family time, and that you also have a chance to get away.

  2. Hey, I know how it is to have your plans changed because of a health/injury incident. You miss out on some things but there's always next year right?

    Merry Christmas and have fun on your trip. Be careful.