Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why yes, I do have Sangria...

My owner surrender arrived...She said he's shy around men but as no issues. He is a doll and we hung out today. Very good boy, even ran and played with Sprout. (Normally I don't introduce that quickly but they were fast friends.) Then C came home with a male friend. Homeboy did NOT like that. He even refused to take a treat from him. Never allowed the guy to touch him. His potential adopters are coing to meet him tomorrow. I have a feeling he'll be involved in my weekend, bu we shall see.

I promised 24 hours of sports with beer and his feet propped up. Plus my bed. Dad won't bend. No shocker there. Looks likeIi'll be traipsing all over and having a sleepover at his house. I love my Dad. I love the house. I don't want to go to a sleepover.

Water is shut off upstairs. Ceiling downstairs looks ready to cave in. Plumber comes in the morning...New sheetrock means new paint. Sangria and paint don't mix. At least not in large quantities. Guess I'll enjoy it tonight.


  1. I just found out I'm getting another temporary foster dog this this week; an owner surrender too.

    Sorry about your ceiling but enjoy your Sangria!

  2. Could be that once he's settled into your home (in a few days) he will be more welcoming to strangers ... Could be

    I’m doing my rounds and just wanted to pop by and thank you for commenting at my blog last month (August). I appreciate your input.