Sunday, September 13, 2009

Water, Water everywhere and Plenty to Drink

I had a bad leak discovered in the bathroom this week. Toilet supply line and the sink. Not one of my 2 peeps occupying the upstairs noticed anything amiss, but sitting on the pot I looked up and saw water in my ceiling. This is what it looked like when I started to get really concerned and knew replacement work would be done.
Well, the whole damn thing FELL while I was sleeping and yes, that DOES mean my ceiling caved in. I had an exam 1st thing Saturday morning so I stared at it for a few minutes and then said, "Fuck it. It will be here when I get home" and left. I think I did pretty darn well on that exam...I went to my son's game and the we made a field trip to Home Depot for supplies.
I figured I could replace a 4x4 ft section of Sheetrock. There's no rocket science involved. Only patience, determination and basic working knowledge right...The above is the vent I replaced after finding a bird nest and the section I cleaned out. Then I called my girls over...After all three of us checking the floors and wall upstairs and digging around downstairs it was decided all wet Sheetrock would indeed be removed, going 1 ft at a time until we could no longer find mold or dampness. That was a lot of Sheetrock! It was all cleaned and prepped and fans set to dry.

The next morning, D came over with her carpenter roommate P, a skill saw and insulation. C came with her fam and the 2 full sheets of Sheetrock needed and work commenced. There was a lot of work, sweat, smiles, laughter, food, coffee and beer, pool and hot tubbing. Squirty & S came over too. We were supposed to hang out and they swore they did not mind the work going on. They didn't seem to at all and I think everyone had a pretty good time.
I am so lucky to know folks like this! They were all AMAZING!
As of last night all that's left is some taping, mudding and sanding...Then next weekend I can paint!


  1. My deepest sympathies! I've been through this...with raw sewage pouring out, nonetheless. I alays say that water is the DEVIL...yet we put it right in our walls?

  2. didn't mind the work one bit! Glad your bathroom is back in one piece and glad we got to hang out! Horses are next on the list!

  3. Anonymous9/15/2009

    Yikes, well good thing you got people to help and knowlege of what needs to be done.

  4. I love it, you see major disaster and say, eh fuck it! I would of done the same damn thing.

    Gotta love the HomoDepot :)