Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bitch, Bitch, Moan & Gripe...Someone get me a drink

Today was going to include a lovely little post about how splendid the week is but I'll be damned if Yang didn't come in and fuck with my Yin...

  • I have so much to do at work to get caught up. I will be in hiding for the next 2 work days to get 'er done. Coming back from vacation and working with friends in "pods" is not conducive to producing high volumes of quality work. Chatting is way more fun.
  • Z loves Kindergarten. She had great success and has taken on ownership of getting ready, her breakfast and getting up on time in the morning. She got "Great Day" notes home and I do hope this continues...She is NOT generally a morning person and 6am comes early.
  • My little man is starting center on his team. And Dawg, a striper is a boy over 80lbs who is not allowed to run the ball based on size. ;)
  • Twice week practice for football does not start until next week, as opposed to this week as I truly believed and did a happy dance about. I mean really, with a holiday and pictures and a game on Saturday who wouldn't choose to spend every freaking evening on a football field...especially when it runs 20 minutes over the first week of school when we are trying to get back into a routine. I think I was proud of myself for not gathering my son and leaving. Considering his Dad is one of the coaches it might not have been worth it.
  • Needless to say the boy, who actually is a morning person by nature is draggin. Severely.
  • I stayed out late and played last night...Cookout with beer and new friends. Good stuff, but Sprout getting all bitchy and tearing up the bathroom trash as repayment freakin' sucked monkey balls! I don't like scrubbing bathrooms at 1130pm. Especially when J, C and multiple friends were all here and no one noticed. hmmmmm
  • Z & I took both dogs to football today. That's certainly a full crew so we took her nylon muzzle along as a precaution. My little bad dog did sooooo good!!! Get this: She LAID DOWN on the grass as STRANGERS passed us by. Many times. Next to the fence where our big scary boys were running plays. My Piggy girl rocks.
  • I just had to go potty. I looked up. I see my upstairs toilet is leaking! (Why the hell am I not a plumber - that bathroom has caused more trouble!!!) There is a huge paint bubble. I know it's full of water. How long has it been there? I can't say for sure. But when I went upstairs to leave a note for the girls to NOT use the bathroom and trot themselves down the steps the filth pretty much sent me over the edge. I am not a happy camper.
  • Back to bullet 1...I was going to work from home to accept and adopt out an owner surrender and have quiet. Guess now I'll be waiting on a plumber too. Sprout's recent vet bill and back to school shopping already put me in the poor house this month...Jess, I saw your post. I'll join you on the corner...
  • Plus I'm all signed up for the big, fat Praxis exam on Saturday and hardly prepared...And I get to Dad-sit he and his 3 dogs while the Mom is away. At the Family Reunion. Witht he coolest Aunt and Uncle evah I nevah see because the are in Ohio. Dad does not want to spend the night here and I don't want to haul a crate for Layla, my 2 dogs, my 2 kids and potentially a new foster over there. Nor do I wish to drive back and forth 3 times a day as he's requested. Guess where I'll be?


  1. First of all, this post is hilarious. I mean, sorry about your luck and all, but you had me laughing. This is the good stuff.

    Second, will you email me at

  2. Good lord, reading your posts these days wears me out. Sounds like you need a relaxing day in the pool...

    Good luck with the Praxis! Will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Anonymous9/10/2009

    Sounds like all around craziness. Wear me out just thinking about it. Break time!

  4. I hear you on work! I've gone from 50 hrs a week to 70 hrs.

    Interesting "striper". Anymore unusual terms?