Friday, September 18, 2009

Whatever you believe...

Say a prayer for my fam. Actually we could use a couple. My brother-in-law went to get a knot, a cyst, a bump removed from his head about 2 weeks ago. He went in for follow up and heard blah, blah, blah, cancer, blah, blah, blah, benign, blah, blah, blah, refering you to another surgeon. Then he went home and freaked out.

My sis and I texted back and forth all evening. I'm saying things like it's ok, benign is a good word, been there done that, I'll go with you and take notes if you want...

My sister's best friend's husband had this sort of thing happen and we lost him to head cancer a yr ago. That only increases the fear for her.

I got her back. We'll stand on faith, move right through it and it will all be a memory. Regardless, say a prayer, light a candle, whatever you do. They could use the extra support.


  1. you know I am def saying prayers for your BIL and family

  2. Wow, hoping the best for your brother. If it helps, my brother had the same thing and it was nothing, they removed it and it is fine.

  3. Will keep my fingers crossed...

  4. positive thoughts headed your way!

  5. The Canadian Mafia Bitches sending good vibes your family's way.