Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, It's On! Go Hard or Go Home!

Weight Loss Competition at work...

$300 to be won...And I'm in it!

No deadline. Speed wins. Hmmmm...The Ex is/was a body builder and Power Lifter. When we dated many years ago we worked out together every other day religiously. I lent support in every way I knew how or could stand to as he dieted down for shows. I know the exercises. I know the diet. I know what it takes...

But I really like beer...And football makes it easy to eat badly. And I have a UFC Fight Party on the calendar this weekend. I have hella determination when I want it bad enough...I'm really hoping I want $300 bad enough!


  1. Think of all the beer that $300 will buy! It is totally worth it!

  2. As of today the jackpot is up to $500!

  3. Wow, now you're talking. 500 smacks!

    Beer is my all time down fall too. There's one out now that's only 39 calories (???) somewhere around that number. The only thing is, it tastes like 39 calories too. But with money at the end of the line, it might be worth the bad sipping.


  4. Anonymous9/15/2009

    Ok, totaly hear you on wanting the beer badly but $500 is worth the beer sacrifice. The splurge when it is over. Good luck!

  5. Dieting during Football/Beer season?? Ooohhh good luck chic!!

  6. Thanks Dawg...I'm down 3lbs in 2 days so far.