Monday, September 28, 2009

Puddles, Deer & Teeth

It RAINED here but football goes on...We arrived early and the man ran out on the field to "warm up." There was a LONG puddle down the middle of the field. I saw him look as he ran past. He ran back and veered toward it, but avoided it completely. Third time was the charm. He ran though the middle. Triumphant.

The rain stopped and the dogs and I walked. After a mile or so of pleasantly deserted trails we walked up on a doe. Yep. A deer, a female deer...I wasn't singing but was surprised I saw her before the dogs. She and I looked at each other and stood there as I waited for her to make her move. She didn't. The dogs saw her and rather than bark or move towards her they looked at me like "what the hell is that!?!" I simply said "let's go" and off we went. No trouble at all.

And Z? She was doing the normal, everyday whining I get the joy to experience nightly but threw in a complaint about a tooth ache. Well BOTH of her front teeth are loose. That sent her into real tears. Her brother told her to cheer up because she could be the 1st kindergartner to lose a tooth. She quickly reprimanded him. She'd be second. We had to talk through how to eat with a loose tooth cause that's how she rolls. I pointed out that she should wiggle them all day because the sooner they come out the sooner the tooth fairy comes. Finally, the bitching stopped. The idea of $1 a tooth soothed her soul.

And a short term foster is on the way as we speak. She's coming up from SC headed to DC. She'll stay with me until the weekend when she will complete her journey. My old man hasn't gotten transport yet so he may arrive later this week...unless I really like this girl. ;)


  1. Anonymous9/29/2009

    Ah her first tooth. S gets all weird too sometimes but he tries to wiggle and pull them out. He has lost several already. Not sure how many he has left.

  2. My six year old hates..hates to lose teeth. She's lost two, and there are two loose ones now. She cries. She won't smile. She won't talk to anyone about the teeth she lost. She refuses to have anything to do with the tooth fairy and doesn't want money. She just wants her teeth back in her mouth where they belong...