Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day gone to the dogs...

In a great way of course...First let me tell you, Miss Layla is so awesome...and her trainer I've consulted with is too! We met at the dog park today to do intros. She bought her PitBull and her fiery little Frenchie. We did some walking, some butt sniffing and headed into the dog park for more passes on-leash. Layla handled it all very well and we dropped leashes. Layla shined like a champ. She was off-leash with each and did beautifully. I could not have been more pleased. Because I foster and work with a couple rescues we've been invited to go on a weekly walk with the trainer and her dogs to be followed by free time in the yard as Layla can handle it. Our trainer does great work in another local rescue too and I really respect her work. I've seen the results first hand. I'm excited that she gets a great opportunity and am hopeful that some day she can be off-leash with our fosters.
Speaking of which, the latest arrived last night. Ladybug comes to us from NC...I swear those people don't know how to treat dogs! I get that there are some good folks there but there are sooo many dogs that come from there. So many high-kill shelters! Don't get me started...Anyway, she's supposed to be about 13 yrs old though I'm not sue I believe that yet. She's literally emaciated, walking weak, fleas the size of small dogs all over her, fly bites on her ears, and on and on. She's had a bath and some TLC. She's got the cushiest dog bed in the house and while she refused to eat I got her some canned Wellness food tonight. She ate 2 cans. She has all her teeth and they are in better shape than some I've seen but they are quite worn. She'll see the vet on Thursday and we'll go from there addressing the medical needs. Her owner dies and the fam called animal control and told them to come get her. Her time had run out and she was to be put to sleep this morning. One of our volunteers dropped everything and drove down to get her. He dropped her with me around 10pm last night. I was supposed to be her safe house until the weekend when her foster could come get her...I think she'll stay here. :)


  1. Poor thing! I'm glad she's got caring people like you.

  2. Those stories make me so damned mad! I will never understand people who abuse or neglect animals. For fuck's sake. Good thing there's you to take care of her!