Monday, September 28, 2009


Jess, over at This Life Is Mine got me to thinking...Well maybe not just her. We'll give credit to the kids and retailers everywhere...about Christmas. Did you know Home Depot has their whole line up of Xmas crap out? I'm here to tell ya, they do.

I had to buy grass seed and was assaulted by Xmas smells while planning to spend the day outside in shorts. That might be fine in Florida but we have actual seasons here. LOL

Cripes! Can't I even get to Halloween 1st? No? Really? OK, so the kids have no idea what they want for their birthdays in 2 weeks but here's what I want for Christmas...And actually it is all totally UN-Glamorous.
  • New TV...Flat Panel, HD
  • Hot Tub Cover...I want the indestructible kind but damn they are expensive! You see, 60lb Sprouts & Hot Tub Covers don't mix
  • A Deck Box...for all the towels, bug spray and misc crap we have out all summer.
  • Garbage Disposer...Not Sprout. The kind you get at the store. I've wanted one since I bought my house like 10 yrs ago.
  • Over the Stove Microwave, installed please. I have no counter space.

So, um yeah. I can't believe it but I bet I could be covered at Home Depot. Who knew?


  1. oy. I can't begin to think abut xmas until black friday. I think a month-ish for each holiday is PLENTY.
    but I like your list :)

  2. You know you are really an adult when your Christmas list can be satisfied at Home Depot.

  3. Anonymous9/28/2009

    I hear you, I seen walmart out here have it out a while back. Crazy!!! I am not ready!

  4. Christmas can wait. I want my Halloween first!