Monday, September 7, 2009

Piggy's Progress

It's all about Miss Piggy. Layla. Today anyway...I consulted a trainer for a refresher and to get some new strategies to work with her on her stranger issues.

At home she is fan-tab-u-lous. I love my Piggy! But despite the socialization and exposure to many different people, animals and settings she is VERY afraid of strangers. If left to her own devices she will attack any strange dog that wants to meet her and would likely bite someone who approached her to get all lovey.

She's obedient. She knows some tricks. She loves all the family that lives here. She loves the friends and family that visit. But, she still seems insecure and afraid of anyone or anything she does not know. Some folks think she could be put down. I think they should fuck off.

I know that owning her seems incompatible with fostering rescue dogs. She is a rescue. I know it seems like outings might be a bad idea. I know she needs special care. She's had a physical. There is nothing wrong with her. Her dog agression falls into the "normal" range for a pittie or a pittie mix but her fear of strangers isn't really "normal."

If you were to visit and I was not home she would be crated. (J and C are not that savvy) If you visit and I am here I would instruct you to ignore her and give her verbal commands. She'd calm down, check you out, and then let you pet her.

You can see she looks a bit worried here. She's been going on more outings, longer walks and practicing, practicing, practicing. She's doing much better. She's been on 3 long outings this week without posturing. She looked to me to handle it and I did. Yay for Piggy!

Next...A walk with the trainer (who she considers a stranger) and her stranger Pittie. Her goal is not to be best friends with everyone she meets. Her goal is to tolerate others. To not freak out. She's making progress, but the road is long. I will travel it with her.

P.S. Sammy got adopted yesterday! He's in a lovely home with his own girl, fenced in yard and pet birds. His pics of him settling in were precious.


  1. Awww good pics of piggy, she is adorable.

  2. It is awesome how dedicated you are to making her better. It is so easy to stuff them away and just not deal with it!

    Good job and good luck!

  3. My five month old pit is starting to show dog aggression, mainly toward small dogs. If I go to the dog park and she sees a small dog running, she thinks its prey and goes after it. Its worrisome. A police dog trainer said I should use an electronic collar, but I don't know much about it. Ideas?

  4. Kat, I think that would be a mistake personally, especially if you are not experienced with using the collar "properly." I've had a few experiences with them and they have NOT been positive. I think it could make a situation and ultimatly your dog worse and that obedience and conditioning is a better answer.

    She should never be allowed to chase or dominate another animal if she's already showing signs. Hit me up on e-mail if you'd like and we can chat more about ideas and links for good info.

  5. good for her.... fingers crossed as usual!!! :) hugs

  6. How do I email you?

  7. Sorry. Thought it was on my profile. I'm at

  8. Aww

    *good vibes to layla*