Sunday, August 16, 2009


I started the weekend with an epic fail...As I ran to open the front door with Sammy in arms, because he won't pee in his crate and I'm not fast enough at getting outside when I wake up, I stepped on a SLUG! A slug people! Waking up, grabbing a dog and running out the front door barefooted, in your nightie you do NOT want to step on a slug! It's squishy and slimy! The beer pan is out and the war is on! I will win!

And I remembered today why a King size bed is such a good idea. After staying out late with friends and lazing around watching tv then taking a swim everyone piled into my bed for a movie...First is was me and the boy. Then the dogs joined us. Z crawled in and even J came to watch with us. 4 people, 2 dogs, the mail, the newspaper, a catalog and a movie...Drinks bedside, naps all around. Seems fall is really coming and we are ready. lol

Seems Dean has some food aggression issues. With dogs only, not people, and while it may be funny as hell now it won't be later so we're working on it. Since Layla has her own issues I crated him, got a can of wet food and had them together feeding them by can from the can. Normally I don't touch dog food. I think it's nasty, but today I did. I sat, they laid down and we enjoyed the can. they both did great.

I've got the neighbor she barks at feeding her milkbones I'm providing through the fence too.

My parents will be adopting Georgie. I have find out if they follow the same process since it's family and let them know.

And Sammy's brother? Dean's all better! Eating, drinking, playing and whining like a normal puppy! He's going back to his foster mom's house tomorrow. SO glad that is over! I don't care what she she (Sarah) says, they would not have made it without her! Thank you to everyone that donated for his and Sammy's treatment!


  1. Look at that face!!!!

    And about the slug .. BAHAHAHA!!

  2. Oh my goodness...that snout!