Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a Good Day!

Did you have a good day? I did...It's a choice you can make everyday but sometimes it's easy to forget. Here are some of the things I am thankful to have experienced today...
  • Fresh, creamy coffee in the morning
  • Happy children who love me and enjoy school
  • Dogs who are thrilled every time I come home
  • A warm, gentle, spring rain nourishing my plants
  • The coolest looking caterpillar I've seen in ages
  • That the caterpillar wasn't in my garden
  • Ice cream
  • No traffic
  • Blooming dogwood trees lining the way home
  • An awesome home visit for Riley
  • A serious application on Cassidy by folks that have already met her
  • A good job, food in my belly and enough money to be grateful and not wasteful

Remember to make it a good one. :)


  1. I had a good day too. Although, I didn't see a caterpillar or had any ice cream. Instead a saw a long line of marching tiny ants and I ate a piece of chocolate cake. ;)

  2. I can leave work in 2 hours
    Tonight I'm meeting friends for cards and to help to open their pool
    Tonight I will enjoy a six pack of beer
    Tomorrow I will enjoy a 4-5 hour long motorcycle ride
    Tomorow night I will dance with hottie at the club
    Sunday I will sleep in!

    Rinse and Repeat.

  3. Thank God for Dogs who are thrilled every time you come home. I love dogs. Dogs are the best people in the world.

  4. Beautiful post!

    I do this everyday. I think when you do it truly makes you stop and appreciate what life is truly all about.

    Your list warmed my heart and made me smile. Thank you.


    Ooppps. My vacuum is a cheap Hoover canister called a Runabout. I don't have carpet, just wood and stone tile, but I vacuum with the dang thing every day. I get it cleaned and serviced at a vacuum service store once a year, but other than than the it just keeps running. I'm on my 8 set of attachments and about my 4th lid. I've had as many as 3 dogs at one time and at least as many cats. It's fur heaven 'round my place. Damn thing is just a trooper.

  5. VK - that's awesome. I may need to look into one.I have tile and throw rugs so I can toss them in the wash. I gave up on the vac and moved on to just a broom.