Saturday, May 30, 2009

Puppy Love

So Riley's home visit went great - awesome family and home. He liked them. They like him...but now they have to "think about it." They saw 2 other Bostons they like too so they are choosing between him and a 2-fer deal. I hate that waiting time.

Meanwhile Riley and I volunteered at the Boston Terrier booth for Woofstock today and had a great time. He was the only foster there and charmed everyone into stopping by. He was so good to every dog and person he met! I was impressed. Hanging out in the heat with tons of other rescue dogs around can be stressful for any animal but he handled it like a pro. We strolled around and visited with friends afterwards. I love Monument Avenue so hanging out all day down there was a treat.

Cassidy had an app come in. They've been approved and just had the home visit left...They canceled on me without re-scheduling. Makes you wonder while you wait.

I went for wings and beer after arriving back home. I'm thinking this was my kind of day...playing with and petting pups, socializing with people, helping others, eating hot wings and drinking beer. Oh yeah.


  1. good luck with ol' Riley butt!!! :)

  2. thanks for the comment Lillian....I took the one photo class last summer and learned a lot. But I'm working on it...trying to figure out my new lens but I'm getting there.

  3. Sounds like my kind of day!! I just know he was the most handsome there!!!