Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Live to Tell the Tale...

I'm totally stealing that quote from someone I consider myself lucky to be friends with...We met for happy hour today and I asked about his health. I always do since he battles with cancer and while he's fine he says he's not doing as well as the doctors would like. He took on a serious tone and we changed the subject after a bit. He is an awesome guy and I want perfect health for him.

I'm going to Vermont next month to visit my aunt. I was born up there and have often wished we never left. I've visted her big home with the wraparound porch for years and though I'm not good about keeping in frequent contact she is often in my thoughts and I always miss her. She has cancer. It's not curable thought they believe they can slow it down. She just got done with chemo recently and they stopped radiation last week. I'n not sure what the future holds but since she washed her porch that day I'm assuming she is trucking on through and enjoying the ride.

And I heard from my friend Cathy Saturday. She beat cancer a couple of years ago. I encouraged her with stories of my brushes with it and dodging the bullet. It's back. Metastisized to her liver. Stage 4. She's getting more scans this week, got a port put in Friday and starts treatment pretty soon. Guess I'll be going to visit soon and will lend what support I can.

My friend's daughter is not doing great with her battle either. She's hit a rough spot and they are giving her about a 10% chance of making it right now.

Another friend had hers come back and is undergoing chemo right now too. She's pretty psyched because she hasn't lost her hair this time.

I want all of these awsome people to "Live to tell the tale..."

Please keep my friends and family in your prayers.


  1. wow, best wishes to them all.... if you believe, my word verification is BLEST... odd huh

  2. Will remember each one of them. How lucky they are to have you in their lives, LG.

  3. like shane says..wow.
    dealing with it here on the home front too. my mom is doing chemo for secondary liver cancer.
    prayers and good energy all around.

  4. Right back atcha weese!

  5. I hate that damn cancer....

  6. Consider it done...keeping fingers crossed too.

  7. Anonymous5/27/2009

    I watched my uncle battle cancer and die from it. It is very tough. Sending positive thoughts to you and your friends.

  8. Absolutely.

    and i love that quote.

  9. Anonymous5/29/2009

    Def keeping them in my thoughts. My heart goes out to them all!