Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That Dog is smarter than he looks...

Sprout and Cassidy really do like each other. They've met through the crate and the fence then started trading crates and then met live and uncrated. He's simply fascinated with her. He dances, play bows and barks...but she's deaf, dude. She really like him too, but she does look at him like he's lost his flippin mind.

He's used to boy fosters too...She's the 1st female foster I've had and he keeps sniffing the wrong spot if you catch my drift. Then he "remembers" and sniffs the back end. Silly boy.

Yet, none of this is really the point. I took him out, bark collar on, when the rain stopped. Yeah, it stopped here for all of 5 minutes. Cassidy went too. I'm hoping he will influence her to poop in "better places" and not on my walkway anymore.

Well, let me tell you, he was just giddy. Beside himself. Simply could not contain himself taking his new girl out in the yard. He danced, he barked and then the zooming began. All bully owners know what I'm talking about here. He took leaps off the beck a good 5 feet in the air! He ran loops around the yard, around the pool, under the deck on the deck all while running over to her as if to say "see, see, see, look at me!" She can't zoom yet, nor do I think she will. She looked at him as if he'd gone loony but seemed to enjoy the show. Once the business actually got done the 3 of us went back in.

Then I saw it. Or rather didn't see it. The borrowed, expensive bark collar was gone. Freak Boy took it off in the yard. The yard than has grass almost to my knees and puddles to my ankles due to the amount of rain we've had this week. Cassidy went back to rest and I took he and Layla out to look for it...The sun set. No prob, right? It has a red blinking light, we'll find it in the dark. Nope. Nada. I looked again this morning. It had vanished. Poof! Thin air baby!

I did find it this afternoon though and am pleased to say it works. I know this because Cassidy did not want to share free time with Layla. She would prefer my girl stay crated and she be out all the time. Um, no. I'm glad she does "respect the collar."


  1. Bark collars! Gosh, I wish my neighbors knew about those.

    I love laughing dogs. Did you ever see the laughing dogs in the Booth cartoons. Love them!

  2. Smart ones those puppies...and sooooo damn cute too!!

  3. I love that picture ... what a ham!