Thursday, May 7, 2009

Call Her Carrie...You know, From the movie?

Janice rushed in waking me up this morning saying the dog was covered in blood! It took me a moment to register what she was saying and figure out she was speaking of Cassidy. I asked what happened and she didn't know of course.

My mind went to the heart worm treatment and I asked if she was coughing up blood in my fog of sleep. She said no and so we rushed out to the living room.

She was indeed COVERED in blood. I saw the bark collar I'd put on her at bedtime and my mind raced. I got her out of the crate and could not tell where the blood was coming from. I put her in the tub and started rinsing, while calling my other rescue folks to loop them in...I totally should have waited, but was still not fully "with it" Her foot was bleeding profusely, though I thought it was 2 feet. I took her outside determined she'd be going to the vet as I continued to try and reach folks...Walking in the wet grass and after having been cleaned I saw the problem. She tore her toenail! I have NEVER seen a dog bleed that much from a toe nail injury!

It was agreed I'd drop her at said friends house and pick her up after work so off we went. This girl walks to work and said she got many stares and someone tailed her as she walked a bloody Cassidy down the street. She was fine with the treatment and was bandaged up and oh so happy to see me at the end of the day.

Don't ya know she got the damn bandage off before we even got home! She then hung out and "helped" me mow the lawn. May we all wake to peace in the morning!


  1. Roxie (the dane) did that about two months ago and I thought someone was dying!!! and to look through seven sets of feet was difficult with blood everywhere. good thing she is ok!!! :)

  2. You scared me to death! I stopped reading half way and got a new beer. Glad she's OK. You really should consider disclaimers at the beginning of posts like this;)

  3. Ugh!
    It's amazing she wasn't chewing on it with the discomfort and all the blood.
    So glad she's O.K.
    Certainly not a pleasant way to wake up!

  4. Boxers are known for that. My girl has ripped 3 of her toenails completely off .. and of course it looks like a blood bath.

    Glad she is ok :)

  5. I'm glad she's okay!

  6. Anonymous5/08/2009

    Yuck!! Poor thing. wonder how she managed to do that.