Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mixed Emotions...

Cassidy's prospective family came to visit today and decided not to adopt her. I do think it's for the best but its never happy to see a family decide they don't want "my dog."

She was very well behaved, and took to the mom right away. She had been doing her research and seemed to have a good idea on how to work with her. The dad? Way more reserved and and hesitant. He works from home all day and cares for the dogs then. He had no idea how to control the dogs without verbal commands. I did pull Sprout out to show them he does his commands without me speaking so they could see the hand signals we are using with her. I didn't care for the Dad waving his hands near her face, but could see he was trying to get her to focus on him and see how hand shy she might be. She did well with it though and didn't seem bothered.

They narrowed their concerns down to the fact she's deaf, barks sometimes and is not fully potty trained. Since she has not been here long and will not go to another home for several weeks I did not expect the potty issue to be a big deal. She's about got it and we'll still be working with her as long as she's here. So you see? It's for the best.

Sadly, dad was more interested in Sprout than the foster they came to see. Her hunt for the right home continues...


  1. Sounds like the right thing happened. Dad sounded like a bit of a prude. Like speaking slow english to someone who is bilingual or deaf. THe dog is not stupid and she knows she is deaf. I am sure the right home will come along for her. Keep up the great work. I admire you for it.

  2. yeah my opinion of "the dad"

    what a buthead.

    my opinion of your foster

    priceless and better off!

  3. She sounds like a lovely dog and it sounds like you have been doing a great job with her. The right family is out there!