Saturday, May 2, 2009

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

And here are more yard pics...You can see I'm filling in the new shade bed I started. The rapes are taking off and Ive added a new seedless variety this year. The blackberry bush is blooming and the planters I've added to the deck are doing nicely. I'm wishing I had stuck solely with geraniums but they're still pretty.

Cassidy is on the mend! Sarah did a great job treating her mange and her hair is growing back in beautifully. We haven't had any accidents for a few days and she's figured if she makes noise and barks we let her outside. She stamps her feet when excited like my Sprout and goes right to her crate at mealtimes. She's a quick study and doing very well. When in the kitchen with my back turned she'll bark for attention. I give her a stop signal and she quiets right down. I'm impressed. Still getting over the heartworm treatment which means we keep her quieter than she'd like to be. She loves the children, likes the cats and met my pups through the fence today and did beautifully.

Her prospective new family coes to meet her tomorrow. Part of being a good foster Mom is taking pics. You want to get good ones that capture their personality and help them get adopted. And you need to keep folks (the rescue) up to date on how things are going. I try to be good about that because I knowit is important. I hope you enjoyed her pics too.


  1. I love the pics. What a great dog. I hope the new perspective family and Cassidy hit if off. Good luck!

  2. I have so much work to do...the previous occupant of my new home was an enthusiastic gardener who didn't have a clue. So before I plant anything, I need to fix his mistakes...but I can't really complain. Digging in the dirt is fun!

  3. She has a sweet face!

    I started 6 raspberry trees last year. No room for blackberries, unfortunately.

    Oh, I crashed my old blog, but I'm up and running again.


  4. she's looking good Lily.......

  5. more tongue. she must be a goof ball. Hugs