Sunday, May 17, 2009

Layla is such a good little piglet!

Wanting to have all the dogs together eventually I took her and Riley out for a long walk together. They were wonderful. Both were harnassed on short leashes and there was no growling or snapping.

Once tuckered out a bit we came home and tried out the big backyard together...One on one, no petting, toys, etc. They were freakin' awesome! Followed eachother around, went under the deck, he looked at her like she'd lost er flippin mind when she decided to cool off in her pool and we even went inside without incident. They were able to hang about an hour or so which is very good for Miss Piggy.

Don't get me wrong - they are both dominant and I don't trust them enough to take an eye off them yet but progress is good and today we saw it! I also started teaching the little bugger "sit" "down" and "leave it." He's smart and figured it all out. He can't do it long or stop wiggling while in the process but he knows what to do. So we shall practice. I got him to roll over too.

He went to the baseball game and did well. He happily greeted folks. His only challenge there was a desire to be on the move, which led to crying...See, dogs are just like toddlers.


  1. Dogs really are just like toddlers.

    I'm glad that he's doing better.

  2. What a cutie. I love the look in the first pic. Sounds like he is making great progress.