Monday, May 18, 2009

Wretched Little Heathens!

My bad kids came home from Dad's last night. They were sweet little angels, well behaved, not fighting and each doing their own thing. Until bed time. Being the horrible, terrible mother I am I insisted they sleep in their own beds with the tv off. Have you ever even heard of such cruelty?

After 85,000 trips to the bathroom, screaming at them to be quiet and consoling the girl after the boy punched her - he was going to sleep with her but they got in an argument - I declared early bedtimes all around tonight and put the girl in my bed. She felt "healed" and was quiet and her bro was totally pissed that his actions got her into my room while he was still trapped in his bed.

I don't know when they finally fell asleep, but I do know it was after 10pm when he snuck into my room to be with his sister and his dog. There wasn't much room for me when I decided to hit the sack, but at least everyone slept.


  1. this post is HYSTERICAL!!! such goobes...

  2. Anonymous5/18/2009

    LOL nice. Sounds like my night last night only I was fighting with one. My son refused to go to bed saying it was to light out, forget the fact he has to get up way early for school.

  3. Sometimes the only way I can sleep is to put my little one in my bed. Like last night...

    Thank goodness I only had one to contend with at a time. Although I don't recommend having a toddler and a teenager in the same household.

  4. If they only knew how much they would actually want to go to be early once they got older - like my age, when 7:30 sounds just about right on a work night.