Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Times...

I had so much fun yesterday hangin' with the girls. We went out for Mexican and then played pool and hung out all night. Good stuff.

And I took Cassidy to an adoption stand today. Some folks were interested but she was regularly passed over because she's deaf. She was awesome with everyone though and is now knocked out in her crate. Hanging out in the heat with 6 other dogs and greeting folks all day wore her butt

And we found Riley's issues. Now that he's been here almost a week he's decided he should be the alpha...He chased Sprout off the deck because Sprout wanted to be petted. Riley has claimed me as his and doesn't want the others near me. And awhile he's fine with people he guards his toys and food terribly if he sees another dog. My parents came to meet him with the thought of eventually adopting him but Dad decided he's too rough. With the Parkinson's he needs a "calmer" Boston and since Mr Rosie is territorial too they would not be a good fit.

With all that activity I'm all worn out too.

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  1. I had a Irish and a Gordon Setter that both went deaf with old age. I learned to stomp on the floor or ground to get their attention and then used hand signals. And it meant I needed to be more aware of where they were too. Hopefully, someone will find this not to be an inconvenience so Cassidy can be adopted.