Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why put Riley into Rescue?

Someone asked what a kill shelter is...In a "kill shelter" they get whatever dog comes off the street. They are held for a set amount of time (usually 72 hours to a few weeks or so) and then euthanized.
This is one of the reasons rescue groups are important. They take the dogs that are deemed adoptable or that can be rehabilitated and get them ready for adoption.
The ones I have come through here are never fixed, always have worms and usually have a more serious issue like heart worms. They get the medical care they need, house training and some other basic training and then are adopted out into homes where they can be loved and properly cared for. The adopters have to sign a contract agreeing to return the dog to the rescue if it does not work out.
A lot of time ad money goes into these dogs before they are adopted...They are fed, bathed, dewormed, they get all their shots. They get neutered/spayed and the other treatments they need. The heart worm treatment with the discount the rescue group gets costs $400 alone per dog. Not to mention living as a pet allows the foster "parents" to know and inform the adopting family of quirks the pet may have.
Riley will need surgery to fix his "cherry eye." Fosters do the transporting to get the dogs, take them to vet appointments, house and care for them while teaching them how to be a "good pet" and screening the families they will go to. When you adopt from a rescue group you don't pay fees equal to the investment that's already been put in. ...Hence the non-profit status and constant need for donations.
I'm afraid Riley and I are falling in love. He did great with the kid and met Sprout and Cassidy today.He loved it. He played all evening and is pooped out in his crate now with a bone I put peanut butter in. He went to take baseball pics with us tonight and did great. He rides in the car well and has not had one accident since his arrival. He's a dream foster dog. He didn't even chase the kitties! He loves to play ball and wants to be with us at all times. He's going right into his crate without prompting too. What a good boy! I was supposed to get another foster next week but was asked about fostering him instead. I think even with a bite history I'll say yes.


  1. Thats a great looking dog.

  2. u just cant say no to that face... :)

  3. Whew! Glad the girlfriend, Krystal, doesn't read blogs because I would be able to hear her screams of overwhelming cuteness from across town! She LOVES Bostons! And that lil bugger is ADORABLE!

  4. Anonymous5/14/2009

    Such a cute dog. I have never head that referred to as a cherry eye, just a cyst. My moms dog had a couple of them.

  5. I'd fall in love with him, too.