Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break has sprung

We all slept in, except poor J who gets no Spring Break. The son is running on the wii, the eldest is still in bed and the youngest is singing while giving me running commentarty from the shower.

Hopefully the rain will stop but we'll have a good day either way!


  1. Rain, rain go away....

    And I never answered the question you left on my blog (how rude!). We were in Jupiter, FL when the sharks went crazy... Hope you're enjoying your spring :)

  2. My partner and daughter are both on Spring Break this week, but not me...I had to go to work.

    So, I made them take me out for pizza tonight. It was only fair.

  3. Maria I agree, We went out for Mexican.

    Kathy, I LOVE that area. I spent so much time in nearby Stuart growing up and visiting the Environmental Center in Jupiter with my great aunt Mikey.

  4. So remember when I was all about spring?!?

    Now I want summer. Spring is just a tease of sun and shitty rain showers.