Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mmmmmm, Spring...

I got a sunburn and created 2 new beds today. One is a walk-way out front with flowering ground covers and the other in the back under a maple where there is abundant shade and grass refuses to grow.

The back was easy. I planed some Irish Moss and put in some hostas with topsoil and plenty of mulch. Out front was trickier. I was trying to expand my bed and the gravel driveway would not be moved...Why don't i know anyone that owns and loves big toys like bobcats? I got some sun-loving plants that thrive in rocky soil, added a border and topsoil and then mulched the whole thing.

It looks beautiful. First thing the kids did when arriving was hopping across the stepping stones. It's much more welcoming and land-scapey than before but I'm afraid the grass battle now begins. I already have grass trying to come up in the ones I did last weekend! I bought a big-ass bottle of Roundup and hope that combining that with weeding will do the trick. It's my own fault for being in a rush and trying to take the easy way out but it still looks good. I'm so into instant gratification sometimes. Any tips or tricks to share?

We cut the grass today too...My mower broke - again - so J and I picked one up off Craig's List for $45. That's cheaper than fixing mine has ever been and only $10 more than renting one so all in all a good deal . I'm so glad she knows a bit about those things because I had no idea what to check on it.

Lola has been on the hunt. I had several dead birds in my flower beds and she caught 2 voles this week. One was left in the front yard and the 2nd was only discovered as Layla carefully threw herself down to roll on it.

Miss C & My sister and all the kids came to hang out...All 5 kids set out to stalk the Ice Cream Man. When it's warm here he's around every damn day. I get so sick of that tune. And he comes though our circle regularly, never stopping for my kids as they run after him with all the speed they can muster. (Humph! sounds like a cover to me) They were gone for about an hour and they actually did find him. They came home triumphant with popsicles and snow cones in hand.

All in all a great day for everyone here I'd say. :)


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. i wish i knew something about landscaping. i have no clue where to start. I'm a sad home owner....LOL

  2. I'd love to play in your yard, now where did you put that plane ticket? :)

  3. I wantz pictuerz .....