Monday, April 6, 2009

"Aw, you want a kiss to make it better?

Naw! That ain't gon be happening becasue you a big fat cheesboiger!"

We went to GameStop and traded in for some newbies including the 09 Madden football game, even the eldest came along! The above quote would be from the boy whooping up on the Baltimore Ravens. I was initally concerned we'd have WW3 in out living room as I got a new game for each child though that was happily averted...We met my sis in the parking lot, all ended up at Barnes & Noble and after she tried to send me to hell - suggesting things to the girl like nail art kits, makeup sets and and cupcake books to make fancy desserts - she said she'd steal Miss Z for an afternoon of cupcake baking (complete with pink icing) with the girls. Whoo hoo! I pawned her off then cut and run to...

Get new, wrought iron king size bed for FREE! I loves me some freecycle and I went and picked up my new bed today. Originally i had a platform bed but since Miss Piggy kept knocking out the support and thus creating a saggy bed I took out the cheap slats and have had it on the floor for awhile now. But no longer. I now have a classy bed right up my alley and didn't pay a dime! Yay Me!

We took the buy for a Mexican dinner and he is happily playing Wii now all by himself. Combine that with a Jubo Margarita and a designated driver and you have one happy Mommy.


  1. I call that a successful day!! Hummm, Mexican food sounds so good...I did just have it two days ago, but I am pretty sure I could eat it every day!

  2. LOVE gamestop!!! What a deal. We are always trading in stuff to get something new!!!

  3. I love freecycle. It feels good knowing someone is getting use out of something we no loner need and it FEELS great when I get something for FREE!