Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rebuilding Together

What an awesome day! Thanks to a group of volunteers giving up their time we helped 2 families have a home that is now "safer, warmer & Dryer" today. Rebuilding Together is a non-profit group that picks a neighborhood 2x a year and has elderly- low-income folks apply for our help. With the work of their donations, skilled trades-people in the area and volunteers from many corporations, churches and more we all pitch in to help these folks with the jobs they can't quite tackle in an effort to make a difference in a day.

We had 2 homes this year and through our efforts we did things like:
  • Put a new roof on a house
  • fix a gas leak
  • re-vent the dryer
  • seal plumbing vent pipes and fix the hot water
  • caulk a tub
  • install smoke & CO2 detectors along with fire extinguishers
  • re-do 2 walkways
  • Glaze windows
  • insulate ac units
  • mulched a ton of beds and remove a ton of leaves
  • weatherize doors
  • remove trash
  • put in GFI outlets and new outlet covers
  • re-do some wiring and label the fuse box
  • Paint a house and a shed
  • rebuild steps and install railings

And more! It was 95 degrees here today and everyone went home hot, dirty, tired and happy with a job well done. The homeowners were pleased and we could not have done it without people giving us their time on the hottest Saturday in Richmond thus far. We'll do it again for different folks in the fall.

And our pool is open. My kids spent the day in it and I got in for a minute when I got home too!


  1. 95 degrees? I am green with envy, and still shivering in Ontario. For a few brief hours yesterday, it was well above normal (I'm terrible with imperial, but I'm guessing it was about 78 and humid) and then it thunderstormed. Today were back to clouds and cool weather.

  2. It was super hot this weekend here, too. That's quite a list! Some of that stuff isn't easy, either. I learned how to re-vent a dryer a few months ago and, while I don't like caulking, it makes for all sorts of ridiculously immature conversation with whoever is caulking with me.


  3. That's so awesome that you volunteer your time to that! It was so hot. Kudos to you.

    I have been looking for other things to get involved with. I thought about doing habitat, but this sounds really cool too. I used to go to a camp where we spent a week fixing up houses around petersburg.