Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun...

We opened the pool Friday and kids have spent every free, waking moment in it since. They were delayed today as I picked up more plants. Ive added tot he shady bed in the yard and put geraniums on the deck.

We were outside allllll day long! After coffee and the paper (while the kids swam) we went to church and the store. Then I laid some more slate in our walkway, potted 4 huge containers with flower and put more flowers in the new shady bed I'm starting (while the kids swam.) Then I managed to mow the lawn and situate the lawn furniture near the pool (while the kids swam.) My friend Candi came for steaks on the grill with her kids - yep, while mine swam, pausing to wolf down their food...Do you see the theme here? It was 96 degrees today. I am so glad we were ready for it.

I am quite sunburned and very happily tired and relaxed...If only tomorrow wasn't Monday!

Oh, and Cassidy, my new foster? Yep, no training. She's pooped in her crate twice, seems slightly hand shy, and does not know any of the standad signals I looked up for deaf dogs, though she did signal to go out tonight so she may be a quick study. We're off to a good start. She's happy, eating moistened food well (dry was too much for her I think) and loves the kids and cat. She did not react to my dogs which is good too. Her hair is growing back nicely. Sarah did a good job with her. Her activity is limited as she is recovering from the heartworms but as she gets better and we work together a bit we'll know more about what she needs and likes. I think she'll make a great forever pet when she can move on. Keep you fingers crossed we can get the pottying down fast!

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  1. I wish I had a pool. Not for me. For the dogs. I'm sure it would get me hours of quiet.

    Good luck with your Cassidy. My min pin was adopted as an adult with zero training and a lot of abuse (and two brain cells.) She lasted about 15 minutes in a crate.