Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...I shake my head.

Janice and I left Richmond about 11am yesterday to drop off Frodo with his new family. Traffic was horrible - accidents and spring breakers everywhere - and being the rocket scientist I am I accidentally proposed a meeting place and hour further away than I originally thought. Doh! Since it was my fault I graciously accepted defeat and did not ask to change the meeting place. So rather than the 2 hour drive I originally expected, revised to 3 hours took 4. Once all was settled - awesome folks! We hopped back on the road to go play at Ikea and drive home.

Traffic was worse. Even the flippin' DJ on the radio, and I quote, said everyone on I95 was having a "craptastic" experience. J pulled out her navigator and said we only had 10 miles to get to Ikea when the DJ said if you were on 95 you'd be screwed from Baltimore to the NC line...It took an hour, literally, to go those 10 miles...

We had dinner and potty breaks and combed through every inch of the place since we both love it...I got some new rugs (whoo hoo) and inspiration to rearrange the furniture when we got home. It looks better than ever, if I do say so myself (the fam agrees). J wanted new sheets. I just watched, keeping my mouth shut, but then she asked my opinion. I told her I did not like them and left it at that...She pressed. The colors and pattern were offensive to my senses. The colors did not look pure/strong and I did not like the pattern of blocks...With black outlines I would use strong colors. these were primary colors, but not bold. It looked like the dye didn't take. And they were thin, not soft and hence in my mind poor quality. I went back to the position that if she loved them she should get them, otherwise hold out for better. I suggested a trip to Tuesday Morning and was told they are too expensive and that she has to remind herself I'm prissy. Not as an insult mind you, but it is what it is. She's right...I own very few sheets but they are heavy, high thread count, soft and luxurious...She bitches they take too long in the dryer. lol

The dogs looked for Frodo this morning, but gave up on him quickly. And Genghis Khan (my kitty) came downstairs for the 1st time in a couple months. It's nice not having an extra pets this morning and I'm glad he's in his new home.

So the trip? It should have taken 6 hours of driving. It took 10. I learned a lesson there.


  1. But it was a fun 10 hours?? I don't mind mishaps like that unless it's really bad

  2. It was fun, except when the dog threw up in my truck. Tons of rain (which likly eplained all the accidents), but when we got to the meeting spot we were greeted with sunny skies. :)

  3. i understand the looking, no one but Wiener Dog (who is sitting on my left arm on my lap right now "one armed typer alert") he was the only one to look for Morley..... everyone gave up quickly! :) *g* is the same about -good- sheets. i could care less really!!!

  4. I have a question about chemical burns on dogs. Specifically Pit Bulls. I've noticed that a few Pits up for adoption have chemical burns on them. What's up with that? Sorry for the off topicality but I thought that you might know if you foster dogs.

  5. Sounds like the traffic around the Toronto airport ...

    Glad to hear he is with a great fam :)