Monday, April 27, 2009

Dip me in honey and call be a *B*

I am not enjoying my neighbors, and they aren't enjoying me.These are the same folks that have had to replace my solar lights and required a new mailbox and serious work on their truck's paint due to us.

They chose to put in a patio right along our privacy fence. Their children play here, occasionally losing toys and trash over the fence. They party there occasionally on the weekend with loud latin music. They work on their cars there. And their little chihuahua barks at my big dogs there...I'm in the process of trying to get a hedge going all along the fence line but that takes some time. I don't hang on that side of the yard. It's hot and sunny and too noisy for my taste. The dogs will run to bark at them when they are near the fence line.

Yesterday my dogs were barking at the men as they revved/worked on their muscle car. I was annoyed and called the dogs. The second time they went barking in earnest I went to gather them to go inside. I was just too tired. This is when Dude called me aside in front of his friends to ask why I did not chain them up on the other side of the yard because they scare his children. He gave me the "I'm trying to be a good neighbor, but..." line that I'm sick of hearing...

My dogs are house dogs. They are never out when his children (and the extras at the under the table daycare) are out playing all day. They've never gotten loose (unlike the dogs he's failed to take care of and given away in the past) and when they are out, I am too. He says he's sick of them barking and frankly I'm sick of him..Candi and Janice took his side and said I was over eacting but I'm sooo over it! They wake me coming in late, they wake me leaving early for work. They drive a loud car and while she speaks to say hi (but no more) he never so much as waves and will only come with complaints.

We seem to be bothering each other and I guess the bad blood started with his truck. He wanted that new paint job pretty bad and I would not pay for one. Now he's getting on my nerves....So, which of us is the bitch? Thoughts?


  1. Neighbours...don't get me started. I had the neighbour from hell until I moved....

    I wish I had an answer for you...

  2. What's the story with the truck's paint job?

    Neighbors are tricky. Sometimes, the best thing to do is go over with a bottle of wine or plate of cookies and try to work it out.

  3. You are SOO totally not overreacting. Our neighbors and us (mostly I) have been going thru the same thing for yrs now. they have a pomeranian that lives outside pretty much neglected and it yaps literally all day. I am not exaggerating in the least. They do NOTHING about it. well, they let it loose and it runs the neighborhood at night, and they can be standing right there in the yard, while its hyper-yapping and they'll just scream SHUT UP!! and it'll keep it up. I've slammed doors, I've went over to their house in tears from exhaustion and begged them to do something about it and all I get is lukewarm promises and empty stares. THANK GOD they sold their house and are on their friggin way out, it cant be soon enough. My partner wont let me call the cops (Whom I've already spoken to about the noise ordinance) because she's afraid of causing trouble. really? cuz, god knows we wouldn't want any trouble with our neighbors.....*sigh*

  4. Well you have caught me on a bad week to ask this question. I am pretty much ready to kill my upstairs neighbors!

  5. Anonymous4/28/2009

    I guess it all comes down to the city ordinances on noise. (shrug) Calling the police may only cause sneaky retaliation, like... slashed tires. (eek) I had enough with my neighbors last summer partying almost every weekend until 3 or 4 AM. Or out on the sidewalk talking on their cell phones. - Hot nights with my open window, their voices travel directly across the street. - I finally yelled out the window, "Go in the house!" These are 30 something college educated young professionals. Inconsiderate Idiots.

  6. A, here's the story:

    We got all the stain off with a clay bar and washed and waxed his truck for him. He was mad he did not get a new paint job and said you are not supposed to wax vehicles. It's bad for the paint. Um, No, don't think so.

  7. Oh, and Chewy, I don't call the cops on them. They don't party it up every weekend so I'm cool with an occasional event.

  8. Anonymous4/29/2009

    You keep a cool head... okay, cool. Blogs are a healthy outlet for rants.