Friday, April 3, 2009

Whew, time to breathe

So I said I've been busy. Well, I have but today I start 10 and a half days of vacation. Yay me! he kids will be with me off & on going between my house and their Dad's and we are all looking forward to it.

And it's rained here. Like every freakin' day. I am so sick of it but am enjoying the fact that my plants are growing what seems like inches every day and everything is a beautiful almost neon green outside. Most of the plants I put in are doing great and the grass i seeded in the "dog trail" is even showing signs of life but the grapes, blueberries and raspberries put out back along the fence line...not so much. I'm hoping they'll take off too because I don't know if you've ever tried to return plants but it is a crappy experience. We shall see.

And today, as in not tomorrow, Frodo goes to his new, forever home! I am so happy for that boy! He's been with us almost 4 months and been through quite a bit. Despite it all he truly is a good and constantly happy dog. His new Mommy has bought him a bed, toys, treats, food, crate, etc and is very excited he's coming today. She doesn't have a fence for him to jump so he'll be taking daily walks. And he'll be the only dog, but with his very own kitties. What an improvement! I mean hell, he gets chained and left by his family outside without food or water, come here for heart worm treatment, shots, micro chipping, house training and more and now he gets to go be a part of a good family for the rest of his life! This is why I foster. It does make a difference.

And with all the rain we shall have to see about baseball...You know our season started like 3 weeks ago but we've only had one practice. Now they are trying to switch days and figure out if we can squeeze practice into spring break. I'm thinking without any practice it should prove to be and interesting season.

Z forgot about the boneheads. Thank God! Nuff said.

And C got a new tattoo...Rather than saving for the car she wants or the credit card that needs to be paid off this somehow seemed like a good idea to her. I swear she knows better, but if that's the worst of it I'll chill.

And you know I have a job right? We rolled out a new project and I had the task of checking to make sure all went right...It's the kind of thing that is fun the first day but by the end you're screaming "please make it stop" in your mind...I looked at over 1200 records in 4 days! I was rolling! Working at night, taking deep sighs and drinking plenty of coffee. I'm glad it was successful and that my work was noticed...Oops, I may be developing a reputation. LOL

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  1. At work all of the summer projects are in full swing. Promotions, commercials, dailies/weeklies/monthlies. I.Need.A.Vacation.