Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life on the Stud Farm...

Miss Cassidy likely won't be here long (knock on wood.) She already has an adoption application in and the family would like to meet her Sunday. She will stay here while getting over her heartworms and spaying but it looks like she has a family in the works already. I sent them info on training deaf dogs and heartworm treatment and they filled out an application the same day. I hope it all works out. She is a smart girl. She's figured to make noise when she wants to go out, seems to understand the arm directions I'm giving and enjoys the excited thumbs up and praise every time she potties...She knows where the dog food is too. lol I filled up today and she barked and barked until she got some. Silly girl, she knew it was dinner time. Here are some pics of her...I promise better ones soon!
While we enjoyed the end of a spectacular dinner hot off the grill Miss Lola popped up and walked along the privacy fence through the neighbors yard and around the corner. I thought she had a squirrel but couldn't see a tail. After speculation I went to see what she had caught. Missy brought a bunny home. She hadn't killed it but was holding it down with one paw and every time it escaped she picked it up by the scruff of it's neck and resumed her position. I picked her up, checked the bunny's health and let it go. I then put her in the house. She was most upset and tried to get through the windows. The bunny was long gone this morning but she was looking for it.

And Sprout got a black eye. We were outside and I never heard a peep from him but he walked up to me with grass stains on his face and a cut near his eye. You know why we call him "Grace right? Best I can figure is he ran into the fence while zooming or tripped. I can't quite understand how it happened while I was in the yard with him the whole time. The only part of the whole thing that bothered him was when I insisted on cleaning it of course.

And it looks like the frogs C's friend bought are ours now...Rumor has it she left for NC without getting them. The fish tank needs cleaning, Genghis has moved back upstairs since Cassidy arrived and J's wild herd of kitties runs the ceiling every night at play time.
I got some more plants out - Geraniums on the deck, Hostas in the shade bed and Nandinas and Oleander to block the cranky neighbors. Today is the last hot day here for awhile and I will be so sad to see the end. We'll be back in the 60's tomorrow but the 90s were fun while they lasted!


  1. that face! i love it.

  2. Miss Cassidy is just beautiful! And I am so happy that she has a potential home! It sounds like you have really put a lot of hard work and love into getting her ready - that really says a lot.

  3. not busy at all!!! i love the tongue sticking out; such a goober

  4. I.WANT.HER.

    Fuck, tell her new family she was kidnapped. Seriously.

    Email me