Thursday, April 9, 2009

A day At the Zoo...

No, silly, not my house!
What a busy week! I got my bed put together and picked up some free bushes to put in along the fence line. We've been to the zoo, sent a child on a sleepover and hosted one too. We've made blueberry muffins, played wii, seen family and friends and still have yet to go see EB at the mall. I thought we might skip him, but the kids are asking.

They'll be back from Dad's in a couple days and we'll dye eggs in anticipation of the great hunt. They can't wait. I'm glad they are excited for Easter - I' d be tempted to let it pass without much fanfare otherwise. They got their wish...We're hosting brunch for a minimum of 12 and max of 20 people on Sunday. Hard to cook without a headcount but that's the beauty of brunch....If more show up we cook more. Should be fun for all.

Here are some zoo pics for your viewing pleasure...Non-violent animals, like the chicken, get to roam free during the day some, like the giraffe, can be hand fed. The tigers? Not so much. They are behind plexiglass and a chain-link fence. They have over 1500 animals there - Who knew? - and as it continues to get more expensive the trip to DC to the National Zoo is starting to feel like a bargain. ;)


  1. I love the zoo!! Can you come to Minnesota and show me how to landscape?? I seriously suck at it.

  2. cool shots. I get pick what we do the Friday on our tiny vacation to St. Louis later in August. I just picked the zoo. All because of your photos.....!!! :)

  3. Anonymous4/10/2009


  4. Amy, I'd love to, but its a bit far from Va. lol Where's my ticket?

    Shane I hope you have a blast and will share your pics on your blogs with us.

    Chewy, the music played in my head when I read that. :)

  5. It took me five minutes to figure out what EB meant.

    Clearly, I am not awake. Nor am I ready for his impending arrival....