Saturday, March 14, 2009

Voluntary Madness

It's rainy and in the 40's out today so I read a book. It's titled Voluntary Madness: My year Lost & Found in The Loony Bin by Norah Vincent and left me with a bunch of things to think about. I saw this and it piqued my interest so I bought this book and the one preceding about her living life as a man for one year, which was the impetus for the book I really wanted to read...Seems living as a man didn't do much for her mentally and she ended up needing help to get through it. No big surprise there. As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety I understand that feeling of being wholly separate and outside yourself. I do believe that feeling is a way to try and protect yourself when in the midst of awful stuff.

Anyway, not to ruin the story for you but I like that in the end the only conclusion to be drawn is that no amount of re-hab, counseling or being institutionalized will ever help someone who does wish to get better. She believes, and I agree, one of the keys is taking care of your self...Exercising your brain your body, nurturing friendships and relationships, eating right all help.

"There is no saving, of course. You never "arrive." You move. You get on with it. That's the prescription. In the end after a long, long trip, there's only one thing I can tell you about happiness, about well-being as I can understand it. You want to be happy? You want to be well? Then put your boots on."

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  1. Hey!! Can you e-mail me the titles of both books?? I would like to read them both. I love that quote you put in there.

    Have a gorgeous day!!