Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Mother's Knot

This is my tattoo...It's a Celtic symbol called a Mother's Knot. The interlocking heart itself is the mother. The dot or heart within is the child, in the arms, surrounded by love and prtected by me, the Mom...And damn! I never realize how many freckles I have until I see them! LOL


  1. Ok now I want to show off my ink, way to start a wave!

    Nice ink :)

    Ooohhh lala freckles!

  2. Hello~ I love your tattoo. I have 7 tatts myself, thinkin on another one, ... adictive I guess!!

  3. I love the tatto. It's fun to hear the symbolism behind the choices people make.

    Just get a tan and you'll never see the freckles : )