Sunday, March 15, 2009

Freaking Boneheads!

Z had decided in the past week she is afraid of the "boneheads." You might wonder if those are her siblings, but you'd be wrong. These are the skeletal horses from the movie Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy. She's seen the dang thing before but now she's decided they are all scary and she can not go into any rooms alone. None. Not her room, not the bathroom, NOWHERE!

Now I've tried to be patient but this is really getting on my nerves. I can't re-call her brother ever being afraid of anything and I used her sister's paralyzing fears of koosh balls - that's right, koosh balls - to my advantage. If I put her to bed and she wouldn't stay or I wanted her to stay downstairs I'd simply drop one in the hallway thereby guaranteeing no arguments. Mean, but very funny, and still a story I can get some mileage out of.

Anyway, Miss Z throws a fit complete with yelling, screaming and stamping when presented with the idea of being along for a single second. Poor Layla is being dragged around by the collar for protection constantly. I'm at a bit of a loss here and rather than making her cry it out, which would have to include fear of a spanking to ensure cooperation I'm not sure what else to do...We've talked about how movies are pretend, re-hashed the happy ending, told stories of overcoming fears and being brave. No impression there. She's not buying anything I have for sale...


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