Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Signs of Spring Abound & the F-in Boneheads are Lurking!

I love my Cherry Tree that booms outside the kitchen window...

And while some folks take pride in a weed free lawn, I have very pretty weeds.
The sun finally came out today after at least 5 days of cold rain. The kids loved it and while it was only in the 60's I was constantly after them for having water balloons and the like.
I had a heart-to-heart with Z too, covering some very important points:
  1. If we are all home and in the house, you are never alone. I promise.
  2. I get that the boneheads scared you, but we don't have any here and frankly I'm tired of hearing about them.
  3. Mommy is sick and tired of the tantrums that come along with your new fear.
  4. If you throw a tantrum you will go in timeout and still have to do whatever it was you didn't want to do. Remember this...
  5. If you try to be so hard-headed and flippin stubborn you actually skip the potty you WILL be spanked. I promise.
  6. I love you. Now straighten up and fly right!

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