Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Eyes are Smiling...

We made it up today...at 6am. In the dark. I actually got up before my morning child. He yelled when I turned on the light in his room. Z however, was excited. She thought it was a great idea to get up in the middle of night to go to school. I explained it was just early in the morning and we beat the sun, but she was certain it was still night. I mean, duh, it was dark outside!

I've gone from dropping my son off "illegally" early so I could break my neck to get to a 9.15 mtg on time every day to putting him back in morning daycare and working more like 730-3ish...I leave at 3 on days I have them and work slightly longer when I don't.

This means I have to go to bed at night. In Fantasy Land, where I hope to move someday, I'd sleep from 2am to 8am nightly and take a nap everyday! I know this from my wonderful vacations...Now if I could just get my shit together to move there. Anyone wanna come?
And you today was the day for the wearin' of the green, when every one's a wee bit Irish no matter the color! lol We actually are a wee bit so we do dinner with the fam every year! My Da, with my sister's help cooked up a couple fab pots of Corned Beef & Cabbage. It was SO good! There was plenty of beer, but not so much you wouldn't drive and green milk for all...And the best part of course was the company I have 13 favorite folks and they are my family!

I hope you had a wonderful & safe St Pat's! We'll go for some adult fun at the Irish Festival this weekend - Not too adult mind you, I'm taking my Dad! :)


  1. For the love of all that is good... when you move to your happy place PLEASE take me with you! Please?? I would kill for a nap, and I'm going to stay up waaayy to late tonight and regret it come morning...

  2. Welcome to the world of way too early risers! I never though I would get used to getting up at 4:00 AM, which thankfully has now changed to 5:00 AM with my new job. Hope the new hours works out better for you and that you get to take that nap one day!

  3. Heading to my aunt's to have leftover corned beef and cabbage this evening! Oh, I so wish I could go to the Irish Fest with ya! Sounds fun!