Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ive been to the center of hell...

...and lived to tell the tale. I've been know on occasion to have a really bad idea. You might think you've been to hell, or at least perhaps think you know where it is. You are WRONG. It's located in my house. I used to think these was a special place in hell for me with infinite loads of laundry but I was wrong...

I had the bright idea to let the puppies have the run of the bathroom today - you know this is going to be bad don't you? I can hear you smirking already! - Rather than being precious little paper trained darlings they invited 50 of their closest friend over to have a shit-fest in my bathroom today.

I worked a full day and had to do a home visit for an upcoming volunteer event in April which resulted in my being gone about 13 hours. When I made it home J looked at me and said "I took your advice and didn't go in the bathroom." Great. I declared I would let the hellions out of the bathroom to clean it and she could lock them up in the living room crate. She actually asked me if she should let them run around. I reassured her that unless she felt like cleaning up poop the answer was NO!!!

I spent an hour and half cleaning & dis-infecting my bathroom tonight. I even used and threw out a putty knife along with other various sundry items. After that I got the unspeakable joy of washing the little bastards.

Please note I don't hate the puppies. I don't blame the puppies. But it will be a cold day in hell before a litter gets free run of any room in my house all day again...and a little while before I take in any more.


  1. yes i was already smirking- knew where that was going!!!

  2. My Lab discovered that he could take a running start from a long hallway into my parents' bedroom, fall to his belly, and slide underneath their bed. Over and over. So much fun that he just pooped as he went. Sliding in poop. In my parents' house. Who do not like dogs. It was a great introduction.


  3. OMG. and i thought what my dog did to the bathroom was bad.... he chewed the walls

  4. Doh!

    Bahahaha! Damn girl, what were you thinking?!?

    Hey, I need more horror stories like this to convince hottie that fostering is out of our league!

  5. I knew where this was going but not how badly it would end... bless your heart!

  6. Anonymous3/20/2009

    Good God, but have we ever been there.