Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

A family got a brand new puppy. He was a purebred dog destined to bring happiness to their family. They did not have a fenced in yard and he wasn't housetrained so they tied him up in the yard.

Two years went by and the dog lost weight. He wouldn't gain weight so the owners surrendered him to Animal Control citing that reason.

He didn't bite anyone. He loves kids. And gets along with other dogs...It's not his fault he has worms and Lyme disease. He didn't mean to get sick. Grown-ups are a little scary, but if you are nice to him he'll open up and give kisses. His name is Kilo. A big strong name for a guy with a big strong heart...

The pound is a scary place but a nice lady that works there took him under her wing. She even gave him medicine to make him all better. She gives him good dog food too and yummy treats. He likes her but his time is up at the pound. You know, if you don't get a new home they put you "to sleep."

I picked him up today. He's gone to his new foster home now to get a good bath, his nails trimmed and a good dinner. He has to learn how to be a house dog. No one ever taught him how. He'll get crate trained, nautered and learn that it's not ok to pee in the house. He will discover the joy of toys, a doggie bed and lots of love.

Then, he'll go to a better family...One that will love him back.


  1. yummy for him!!! Makes my heart sing to know he went out the front door..... going out the back door is horrible. good for you! karma will come to you in a good way!

  2. good for you Lily! A lot of sweet dogs benefit from your kindness......

  3. Anonymous3/12/2009

    You have a kind heart.
    I like the shamrock/clover pic.