Monday, March 16, 2009

Dogs, children...

All whining & crying....
Someone, take me away!

Today is our 1st day on my new flexible schedule...I set the alarm for pm instead of am. I was late and with the boy getting his meds early I can PROMISE you they ARE wearing off early and he IS driving me CRAZY!

I did remember homework and house cleaning go nicely together and I look forward to long afternoons with the little people, but right now I'd rather put them all to bed and start over... Oh yeah, I get to do that within the hour...Guess this Non-morning person never did fully wake up.


  1. You sound stressed!! LOL

  2. so whats your new flex schedule...

  3. Happy Green Day!

    You're having green beer right?!?

    Oh, and Hottie LOVES your white pup!!!

  4. Thanks! I loves my Sprout! He is awesome! He's an American Bulldog.