Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Funniest Show Ever

Have you seen this show? It has got to be one of the funniest damn things on tv right now? These real rednecks have their weddings at places like mudbogs and campgrounds and barns. Oh My! And the do crazy shit like put horse poop in water balloons and make "spirit trees" out of beer bottles. I don't understand. Why? And what's a beer bottle got to do with spirits? Do spirits come out of liquor bottles? They do here. ;)
And why do rednecks construct wedding cakes out of ho-hos and ding-dongs? Or make real armadillo cakes...Think Steel Magnolias, here. There seems to be a recurring theme of guns, mud, dogs and more than enough cammo to go around.

I think it's a good thing I wasn't born to rednecks...they'd fire me, disown me or something...Hell, dude went "coon huntin" for his bachelor party. Some went squirrel hunting. And a bunch of chicks went mud-boggin. I've never done or even seen any of the above. Janice assures me there is plenty of mud in the country...I wondered how you made it all in the middle of nowhere. Guess there's no shortage. Who knew?

The good news is they look like they are having a ton of fun and do love each other...And that's what everyone wants in a marriage, right? Guess I'll kick back and laugh my ass off...while waiting for some redneck to come along, read this and maybe slam me in the mud! LOL


  1. LOL. I watch this show whenever I find it on. Once I start i can't stop until all the episodes are done. But i have to wonder if any of it is really true or just a put on for TV. Some things seem really far fetched and I've known quite a few rednecks. But i do love the show. It's definitely good for a laugh.

  2. I've seen this a few times, with the same questions as Propane Amy.

    Amazing Wedding Cakes is, well, Amazing. I love Laurie. I'd like to give Laurie free reign to make anything she pleases!


  3. I watch wreckreation nation; it's all about the crazy things people do for fun.
    I could be a redneck, but only on weekends!!

  4. I have a family full of rednecks, but I have never seen anything like what goes on on that show. Hilarious! The armadillo cake just cracked me up.

  5. Good show fo shizzy! I, myself, was born into a redneck family, however, I never saw these types of activity. All the same, lots of deer hunting (I can't because I cry when animals die, but I will eat them!) and lots of snakeskin boots and huge ass belt buckles at the family reunion...I have to say I enjoy a good redneck get together every now and then! In the meantime, keep serving me my martinis!

  6. Anonymous3/24/2009

    I've heard they drink gallons of Mountain Dew. - Do The Dew!

  7. Anonymous3/24/2009

    um... every time I come into your blog I think of "Lillian Vernon". Ya know the gift catalogs? (my mind is wandering)

  8. THIS IS MY SISTER- i'm serious- not lying -no joke. That is why we have not talked in three plus years. I can only redneck down for so long. I was disowned by my stupid redneck family..... THANK the karma queen!!!

  9. No way...I totally downloaded the pics but really? Like from the same mother an everything? You're pulling my leg right?