Tuesday, March 24, 2009

But I didn't brush my teeth...

The 5 yr old in all her infinite reasoning skills told me I should let her have some of my hard candy on the way to school this morning. I said no, and reminded her that we don't eat candy in the mornings. She proceeded to tell me that it would be ok because she failed to brush her teeth this morning and they're already dirty anyway. Um, no. Not working and eeeewwww.

I went on the field trip with son to Petco yesterday. Yes, Petco. We spent a wonderful, or not, 3 hours walking through the retail store looking at and touching every pet they had for sale. Petco wants schools to visit. They give the teachers coupons for the parents and class worksheets for the kids. It fits into our animal unit in science here...How freakin clever is that? Dude asked each kid what kind of pet they had when we arrived...and what kind they wanted when we were getting ready to leave. I don't know who that marketing genius they hired is but I bet he's underpaid. Dude instructed each child to go home and ask their parents for their pet of choice since they couldn't get them while on the field trip. Son now wants a Corn Snake. I'm not at all opposed to snakes, but I told him the fish have to die first.

And I figured out I'm perhaps ever-so-slightly over the top with my dog...The Irish Festival is advertised as pet friendly so I decided to take my friendly pet only to be turned away at the door. Needless to say I left the un-friendly girl, Layla at home. I told my parents we'd run him home and come back. They wouldn't hear of it. Their idea was to have everyone take turns holding him so each could visit the festival. I love my parents, I love my dog and I trust them both but I did not trust Sprout not to be too much for my Mom as all the other dogs came up and got turned away. He's never met a dog he didn't like but they don't all like him...He doesn't "get it" And it did not feel wise to put her in that position with a 60 lb dog seen only as a pit bull in the public eye. So, I gave in and put him in the car with the windows cracked and all locked up...And I worried about him most of the time we were there. He was fine of course but is not used to being left in a locked vehicle. We had a good time seeing the same old vendors. Had some Smithwick's and corned beef and cabbage and brought my dad home once he was worn out. Sprout seemed to figure it was all worth it to ride in his Grandma's lap and to play at her house with Rosie - her awesome little Boston Terrier.

I'm short on kid stories with them being gone all weekend but I did buy a dog bed. I left the tags on in case they didn't like it but no worries. They've been pushing to see who can spend the most time in it all weekend. And Miss Piggy went 12 rounds with a balloon and won. The kids had them this week and they were big and scary but once they left those balloons looked just like prey...She pawed them ever so gently and chased them until sadly they popped. Then she was utterly confused and searching for where they might have gone...Pics to come


  1. pics must have pics of that! how funny. Five year old tried? lol

  2. LOL at the candy story. That makes sense to me.

    Glad the dog bed got two paws up. Or would that be four?

  3. Anonymous3/25/2009

    "I'm not at all opposed to snakes, but I told him the fish have to die first." - (giggle) So that the aquarium can be used for the snake?

  4. Smithwicks...I love Smithwicks!

  5. You got it Chewy! And J says to give her the date so she can move out in time!