Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can I have some Randy Jackson Cheese?

Not sure if I've mentioned this here before but it cracks me up. Z has been asking for Randy Jackson cheese every day for 2 weeks. For all the non-moms out there this translates to an Idol fan in search of Monterey Jack cheese. We have some and she'd dine on it every night for dinner if I'd let her...Guess it goes well with her whine.

The topic of jobs came up recently...Z's dream is to not have a job. Just have fun. When her brother pressed her she decided she could work at Burger King or the water park. KJ was explaining that this was not ideal and held up his 19 yr old sister working retail as an example. He wants to go to college and play for the NFL...or something else I can't recall but certainly did not require a college education. I'm glad they are young and can change their mids over time but as it stands now I only have 1 of 3 kids aiming for college.

Baseball starts this weekend and since it's the 1st weekend this month the kids have been with their Dad I am skipping practice. The puppies go home VERY soon - like within the hour, and I'll be skipping off to the Irish festival.

It's funny. When I first got divorced I hated the weekends they were gone. My life revolved around them and I had no clue about what to do with myself while they gone...Then I began to look forward to the times they were with me and the times they were gone. I seem to be out of balance again. I'm over committed in every area of life, still bored and miss the little buggers terribly this weekend.


  1. I watch Idol, but I'm not sure how Monterey Jack cheese relates to Randy. You've got me curious. Have I been missing something on the show? On another note - how was the Irish Festival?

  2. There is no relation. Just the work jack thrown into both.

    The Irish fest was great. I'll probably post on it tomorrow. :)

  3. Anonymous3/23/2009

    I watch Idol too... and I had the same question as CJ. I still don't get it. What does cheese have to do with Randy? (giggle)

  4. Ok, I get it now! Randy JACKson and Monterey JACK. Thank you for the clarification.