Saturday, February 28, 2009

Un-Freakin Believeable!!!

You might have thought once in awhile that you had a bad day. I mean really bad day but I'm betting my daughter's day tops any of your run-of-the mill experiences.

Yesterday I came home from work and started to clean house. I had Sprout & Jordan out to play and they sounded just awful...Growling, baking, flipping all over each other in the living room; so when I'd had enough I crated them and went back to work. About 5 minutes later 2 county police officers showed up at my door. Now, because everyone believes Sprout is one big pit bull and now they see the boxer here, and my windows were all open due to the good weather I figured someone had complained...I was wrong. Soooo wrong.

They asked for my daughter. I said she was at work and they were surprised. I asked them hat this was all about and of course they wouldn't tell me shit. So I invited them in and called her at work so she could talk to them. They said they had questions on behalf of a small city 20 minutes south of here and would come by to talk to her.

Different police showed up than were at my house - 4 of them! - And they arrested her on her job for felony embezzlement! She was so upset they kept saying if she couldn't calm down they were going to call the EMTs. They took her to a transfer station and to jail in Colonial Heights for processing.

I found this all out from her boss who called me right away. And I hoofed it the 30 minutes to the jail...This story ends with the fact that she was never read her rights and wrongfully arrested. Turns out some woman in her 40's rented a washer & dryer and was evicted form her apt and Colortyme took out a warrant. Both first and last names were of by 1 letter. Socials did not match and this woman is more than 20 years older than my daughter!

Luckily the Colonial Heights Officer was kind. When he had her recite her social and dob he figured out something was wrong and had Chesterfield fax over the original paperwork. It clearly showed they were NOT looking for my child. They FUCKED UP BIG TIME!!!

They closed out the paperwork and brought her out to me where she hugged me for a full 5 minutes. Then she went back to work. Whew, can you say stressful?


  1. Oh that sucks. I'm sorry all that had to happen to her over a mistaken identity. That had to be so horribly painful for her. Not to mention embarrassing. i hope she comes out of it all OK. Can anyone say LAWSUIT???

  2. Anonymous2/28/2009

    OMG! Don't the cops pay attention to reading the details before hauling someone off to jail? The big clue... "they were surprised she was at work" - Go Figure. (shaking head) - Awful to put her through that.

  3. That's crazy!! Glad she made it out of it all okay...but what a nightmare!

    P.S. I found you from Maria's blog. :)