Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mom, can I tell you something?

I hear this every day as soon as we get in the truck picking up my little guy from school. He then goes on to tell me something he observed during the day. Today it was that he was glad he only wore a sweatshirt for a coat today because it was only in the 20's this morning when we left it was a balmy 58 when we got home...

We ditched the homework and cleaned up the front yard. We got the trash together and he played basketball and worked on tree climbing skills while I pooper scooped. (Some people, make that many people, don't scoop their yard and while I don't enjoy it I'd rather not worry about me or anyone else stepping in it.) J and Z declared it "cold" and went inside.

J made pot roast for dinner. I love, love, love it when she cooks. While I like the idea of doing for my family cooking isn't really on that list. I switched out slipcovers and cleaned the bathroom while she finished dinner...Now if I can only get the living room clean for more than 5 minutes and the laundry done I can declare a work-free weekend.


  1. I laughed when I read this because it reminds me of my friend A. She sends randoms text messages thru out the day with stuff she observes. She's a police officer. I love it.

    Kids are fun, and I enjoy being around them. Thing is I can send them home to mom!

    My nephew will be staying with me for a week ... I can't wait to spoil his ass silly.

  2. what a great blog you have! thanks for following me :)

  3. Anonymous2/27/2009

    Here it's a balmy 58 right now. I should go out for a walk... instead I'm spending my lunch time at blogs.

    I'm with Dawg... I borrow my nieces and nephew... then send them off to home. (grin)